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Get to Know Kazuha The Samurai Wanderer in Genshin Impact

Mihoyo recently introduced the character Kazuha genshin Impact which is the newest character. His appearance looks very attractive like a samurai from Japan who uses a Katana weapon. Kazuha is told as a wandering samurai from Inazuma who joins the Cruex Fleet Liyue fleet, where they must follow the orders of captain Beidou.

Kazuha is a very calm character who when in her spare time always recites poetry and looks so relaxed when talking to other people. However, behind his calm nature, who would have thought if Kazuha had gone through hundreds of battles to finally be in Cruex Fleet Liyue with captain Beidou.

Based on an anonymous source, Kazuha genshin impact will require resources that are already common, such as treasure hoarder insignia, the same as those needed by Bennett and Kaeya, along with some materials that have never been released before. One of them looks like a mushroom that has light.

In the attack section, Kazuha’s Genshin Impact Elemental skill is indeed similar to the four-star heroes Anemo and Sukrosa. According to the news, this skill will be able to pull enemies into AoE towards Kazuha before launching them and hitting them with Anemo DMG. Like Xiao, this one attack can also position itself strategically for powerful jump mode attacks.

The skills possessed by Kazuha are:

1.Elemental burst

Kazuha will swing her sword to be able to issue a storm that can give area of ??effect or AoE anemo damage. A slash from this ronin sword can cause a storm effect that can absorb cryo, electro, hydro, and pyro elements and will deal damage continuously.

As we know, genshin impact recently also revealed its new territory. The area is named Inazuma which is the origin of Arcon Electro.

Elemental skills
One skill can make Kazuha pull and also throw the opponent up, when it’s thrown up and after using this skill, Kazuha can do a plugin attack. In the attack plugin, Kazuha can give Anemo damage and create a vent that can pull opponents around.